The Audiovisual Industry

The audiovisual industry has been helping people communicate for nearly a century. While many conjure images of overhead and slide projectors when thinking about AV, today's technology includes videoconferencing, command-and-control rooms, video walls, stadium screens and more. AV blends the worlds of art and science. But the heart of the industry's heritage is solving communication challenges. AV provides solutions to many societal quandaries:

  • How can I communicate complex opportunities to a business halfway around the world without leaving my office?
  • How can I offer a comfortable and productive environment to everyone attending a meeting?
  • How can I foster collaboration among colleagues?
  • How do I provide direction to visitors in public spaces?
  • How can I reach a new generation of hi-tech students?
  • How can I protect public infrastructure?
  • How can I make every concertgoer feel part of the action - even those in the outer reaches of a stadium?

AV helps people communicate more effectively.